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Elevate your brand with our data-driven strategies. We craft compelling campaigns for digital success and meaningful audience engagement.

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Elevate your brand with our innovative strategies. We craft compelling campaigns for digital growth, design, content, and social impact.

Email Design and Layout

Providing aesthetically pleasing and responsive email design and layout that can be viewed on various devices, enhancing the reader's experience.


Assisting in segmenting the academy's email list to send targeted communications based on criteria like age, belt rank, and attendance patterns.

Email Delivery

Automating the process of sending out emails based on triggers such as new student sign-ups, membership renewals, belt promotions, and reduced student attendance.

Landing Page & Customer Enrollment form

Unlock success with our marketing agency. Engaging landing page & seamless enrollment form. Elevate your brand, reach customers, and drive growth with our expert strategies.

Customizable Email Templates

Unlock engagement with tailored marketing. Our agency offers dynamic Custom Email Templates, ensuring your brand's message shines through, captivating audiences and driving results.

Database Management

Optimize campaigns and customer relations with our expert Marketing Agency Database Management. Streamline data for targeted strategies, enhanced engagement, and measurable growth.

Attendance Analysis

Attendance Analysis: Elevating brands through data-driven insights. We optimize engagement and ROI by dissecting audience participation, refining strategies, and maximizing event impact. Your success, quantified.

Performance Tracking and Analytics

Empowering businesses with data-driven insights. We are a performance-focused marketing agency, utilizing advanced analytics to optimize strategies, maximize ROI, and achieve remarkable growth for our clients.

Campaign Planning and Strategy

Crafting compelling narratives and data-driven tactics, we elevate brands through meticulous campaign planning and strategic execution, driving impactful results in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Customer's Satisfaction


Welcome Email

The first email a new student will receive upon signing up. It introduces them to the academy, outline expectations and etiquette, and provide relevant contact information and resources. It’s also an opportunity to express excitement about their decision to join the academy and start their Jiu-Jitsu journey.


Introduction Email

This email goes out to the entire gym and introduces the new student. 


Belt Promotion Email

This email celebrates a student’s achievement upon being promoted to a new belt rank. It recognizes their hard work and dedication, and encourages them to continue their progress. This email can also inform the rest of the academy community of the promotion, fostering a sense of collective achievement and camaraderie.


Newsletter Email

Typically sent out on a regular basis, this email keeps students informed about recent happenings in the academy, upcoming events, student achievements, and other news. It’s a great tool for building a sense of community and keeping students engaged outside of classes.


Customized (up to 2/month)

Surveys, Event reminders, Merchandise promos, New professor announcement

Revenue Generation

Strategic innovators delivering tailored campaigns, amplifying brands with data-driven precision and creative excellence.


Private Class Email

This email provides details about the option of taking private classes, including information about the professors who would be conducting them, their credentials, and the associated pricing. The benefits of private classes, such as personalized attention and accelerated learning, can also be highlighted.


Membership Renewal Email

Sent out as a friendly reminder a few weeks before a student’s membership is due to expire, this email will remind the student of the renewal date and provide easy instructions on how to renew. It can also emphasize the benefits they’ve been enjoying and the progress they’ve made so far, encouraging them to continue their training.


Bring A Friend Email

This email will outline the academy’s referral program, if one exists, explaining benefits such as discounts or free classes for both the referrer and the referred friend. It encourages students to help grow the academy community by inviting friends to join.


Customer Enrollment Form

A form on your website that enables students to get more information. When they fill out the form, we’ll send them a thank you and then send you an email so you can follow up directly.

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