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Our email marketing system addresses the following challenges for academies:



Streamlines the traditionally manual processes of customer communication and retention. 



Improves retention by analyzing student attendance data, identifying patterns to determine optimal times to engage with students who may be losing motivation or facing other hurdles in their training. 



Delivers timely, personalized, and relevant communications, that enhances student engagement and fosters a more supportive academy environment.



Creates opportunities for upselling private lessons, merchandise and Bring-A-Friend type promotions

Our Services

Elevate your brand with our innovative strategies. We craft compelling campaigns for digital growth, design, content, and social impact.

Email Design and Layout

Providing aesthetically pleasing and responsive email design and layout that can be viewed on various devices, enhancing the reader's experience.


Assisting in segmenting the academy's email list to send targeted communications based on criteria like age, belt rank, and attendance patterns.

Email Delivery

Automating the process of sending out emails based on triggers such as new student sign-ups, membership renewals, belt promotions, and reduced student attendance.

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